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Marketing your studio is tough. There are a lot of piano teachers out there and they’re all trying to find those students, get them to sign up for lessons, get them to sign up for their summer camps. How can you set yourself apart from everybody else? Have you ever struggled with marketing in your piano studio? If you have then this broadcast is totally for you. Hello my name is Sara Campbell I am one of the Upbeat Piano Teachers and you can find out more about us at

If you are joining me for the first time, welcome, welcome! This is our Friday Five Live broadcast and we do business tips and teaching tips every single week for free here on Facebook. If you’re joining me live or on the replay, please be sure to say hello and let me know where you’re coming from today, and also let me know what’s your biggest marketing fear? Because we all have them! There’s a lot of things to be afraid of when it comes to marketing! I’m hoping that we can quell those fears today and give you some good tips to get you marketing your studio to the right people. Hello everybody! I see that Karen is tuning in, Karen says “Good morning smart lady!” Smart lady? Uou must be talking about yourself there Karen. And I see oh Cheryl Leigh is saying, “I’m here and ready for my therapy lesson!” That is so sweet.

Welcome everybody to the broadcast. I see Shelley is tuning in, hello Shelley! Welcome, welcome. Alright, so today’s topic is Marketing 101 we’re going to be talking about ways to connect with your ideal clients and how to draw in those students to your specific offerings like lessons or summer camps. That’s what today is all about! And just so you know we do have some fantastic freebies today so I’m gonna go ahead and give you that magic word right now. If you want to get a hold of today’s freebies, which include amazing blog posts a free preview of Group Lessons 101, and some other cool stuff then type the word MARKET below and the #Upbeatbot will message you, and you are gonna have to message her back with the word MARKET one more time. That’s how you’re gonna get today’s freebie, but let’s get to the good stuff, shall we? Hello Kathy and Nicole! Nice to see you both.

The topic of the day marketing. It’s really important that when we market our studios we are attracting the clients that we want, and you have to be strategic about this in order to attract the correct client!You don’t want just anybody, right? That might mean that you you attract students who aren’t really serious about pursuing music with you, you might attract families that don’t take lessons, don’t appreciate lessons, and appreciate all the hard work that you put into your studio. You don’t want to attract flaky students or students who really aren’t going to be dedicated to studying, right? You want to attract students that are going to love what you offer in your studio, and parents and families who are going to advocate for you, and who are going to tell their friends and family how amazing you are as a piano teacher, right? Okay so today we’re going to go through some quick marketing tips that will help you attract the correct people to your studio and I’m kind of spinning this about summer camps right now ,so we’re going to talk specifically about how you can attract people to your summer offerings, whether you’re doing camps or workshops, or maybe packages of lessons.

Let’s talk about those because it’s still March, and it’s summer camp and group month here at Upbeat Piano Teachers. Oh hello Anita! Good morning nice to see you! Okay, let’s see. My first bit of advice her,e and I’m gonna be really amazed if I can pull off pointing in the right direction, Your vibe attracts your tribe! Have you ever heard this phrase before? If you have heard “your vibe attracts your tribe,” give me a YES in the comments and where have you heard that I’m curious because I’ve heard it in many different places but I’m curious to hear where you what you associate this particular phrase with I love this phrase for piano teachers because I think it really makes a lot of sense that we want to be able to attract the right kind of people to our studio right so you need to make sure that you’re putting the right vibe out there. Hey Karen says yes I have heard that! Exactly, yes.

I wonder where you heard it? I can’t recall where I heard this first, but I absolutely love it. So of course I made a sweet little graphic today and let’s see if I can point in the right direction, “your vibe attracts your tribe!” Right? We want to attract the right people to our studios so that we can fill our studios with supportive clients and students and parents, and that you can just have a thriving business. And this is key it is so key to having a great studio, Alright so here we go – how do we find those people? First: what is your vibe? What kind of a teacher are you? Are you a teacher who trains students and prepares them for exams and competitions? Are you amazing at getting students to be really serious about music and to achieve awesome things? Then you need to make sure that you’re putting that vibe out there so that you can attract that kind of student.

Maybe you are a teacher who loves to teach adult students and you like to do the recreational music, the RMM kind of lesson, then you need to have a really fun vibe a vibe that’s going to attract adults who want to come back to music, or maybe teens who are more interested in music as a light hobby. You need to be able to make sure that you are putting the right vibe out there so that you can attract the right kind of client. Carrie’s tuning in and she’s on the way to Orlando she’s headed to MTNA! Hey, if anybody’s going to the conference let us know! The weather’s kind of crazy right now and I know that it’s caused a lot of issues with flights. Alright, so first we need to market to our ideal client, but in order to do that, we really need to be able to identify who is your ideal client. Have you ever given that any thought before? Often times as piano teachers, or voice teachers, or cello teachers, or ukulele teachers… whatever kind of instrument you teach, sometimes when we first get started we’re just more concerned about getting butts in those seats, right? So we are just putting it out there to every single type of client, and we might not be incredibly choosy, and I get that! When you’re first building your studio, I get the sensation, I get that fear that you’re not going to be able to make ends meet.

And it can be scary not to have enough students on your roster, but I encourage you when you are building your studio, start from day one trying to attract the right kind of client. You will help yourself in years to come! So let’s talk about ideal clients. Who are they? Who are your ideal clients? Now you might have several types of ideal client it may not just be one person. You might have strengths in different areas. I want you to take a moment and let’s really get into this today. I want you to think about who is your ideal client: who do you like to serve? Who do you want to be in your studio? Think about it for a second.

And if you want comment below with your ideal clients! I’m so interested to see who you are trying to attract to your studio. So let’s relate this to summer camps, I told you I was gonna bring this up, right? Who is my ideal client for a summer camp? Well I’m trying to think of one of the camps that I’m doing this year. I am gearing it towards teens who are tech savvy and who love movies and actin, so who would I be gearing my marketing towards? I’m going to be looking in the 14 to 18 range, I’m going to be looking for students who might be interested in musical theater or plays, or maybe they’re interested in it but they just haven’t been able to try it yet, and they want to get their feet wet. I’m also attracting students who love to take short videos or who are a little tech savvy.

They love using all kinds of apps. Those are the students that I would be wanting to attract. Who are you trying to attract to your studio this summer? I want to know comment below with your with details about who these ideal clients would be. You got to think this through, right? You’ve got to be a little savvy when it comes to that marketing. You can’t just put everything out there and hope that it sticks, and hope that you attract the right client, it’s not going to work! So who are you trying to attract this year? I want to know. Once we think about who they are, then we have to think about where are they! Where are these people? How am I going to reach them? But you got to do step one first right you’ve got to identify who that person is, what they’re interested in, what age range are they? What other things demographic wise can you pull from them? What kind of education backgrounds do they have? Where do they live in your area? Are they the kind of person that goes to a coffee shop? Are they the kind of person that goes to a discount store? You need to identify different things about your clients so that you can then find them and market to them, right guys? ah okay I see I see some Cheryl Leigh is saying I want to attract elementary age children.

Bingo, right? So once you identify that particular demographic, then you can start asking yourself questions about, okay, well how I’m going how am I going to reach that particular client? Am I going to be marketing directly to elementary kids? Not necessarily, but maybe maybe in some places you can. Most of the time you’re going to be marketing then to parents who have elementary age children, right? So that’s gonna totally change where that marketing goes, isn’t it? Oh I see some fabulous stuff here Karen says “my ideal client teens who love using their iPad for music teaching them to use chords.” Karen you are being so specific here and this is exactly what this exercise is about. We need to be specific with our marketing, and we need to know exactly who where that niche is,, how to identify it, and how to connect with them. So when you’re once you figure out who your client is, then you have to figure out where am I going to connect with them.

So back to my idea of attracting, I’m talking about teens who are tech savvy and who are interested in theater, where would I go to attract these students? Most likely I would reach out to the theater programs in my area. So I would identify community theaters and my contacts through there because I love to network with different people in my area that I know will be able to help me spread the good news about all the offerings in my studio. I’d go to the community theaters, I would look at high school musicals and plays, I would be then I would probably be contacting music directors like choir teachers, maybe band directors, also English teachers because a lot of English teachers in my areas actually direct musicals. Anybody else have that? Maybe it’s just my area. Okay, so once you identify who your client is, then you have to think about where am I going to be able to connect with them? if you’re trying to attract elementary students, where are you going to find that connection? Well where are those moms going to be? Where are those dad’s going to be? Think about where they are, and that’s where you start marketing.

Maybe your ideal moms go to yoga classes, maybe they they go to spas, maybe they are interested in other specific hobbies in the area where you can really hone in on where you can connect with that person. So that’s gonna change where you post flyers, it’s gonna change who you contact to spread the word, and it’s also gonna change how you do your Facebook Ads, right? Okay so if you would like more information about how you’re going to market to these clients, I’ve got some really great stuff for you guys today. So if you haven’t done so already I want you to type the word MARKET below and then the #UpbeatBot is going to send you some really great stuff we have a great blog post from Tracy Selle, where she talks about how to fill up your summer camps and sell out! And remember it’s not just about camps, it’s about filling those rosters, right? So you’ve got some there’s good pieces of advice in that article, I hope you enjoy that one .I’m also going to send you an invitation to get a free preview of Group Lessons 101, and you know that free preview is about to expire sso it’s only going to be open through March 17th, so make sure that you get ahold of that I don’t want you to miss out.

In this preview you’re going to find out how I create different graphics for marketing, and how I target people on Facebook, a little bit about Facebook ads, and how to you know create a graphic that’s not only going to be eye catching, but has the right kind of information on it, right? You want to be able to answer the questions of your clients, but at the same time you want them to have to contact you so that they can find out more. Alright so there we go, that is all that is all for today. I really hope that you enjoyed this broadcast Please, if you’re watching on the replay make sure to jump in with the comments, you know, let me know who your ideal client is, let’s talk about this! That is what I am here for, and that is all about, you know, that’s all we do here at Friday Five Live is that we connect, and we talk to one another, and we work our way through the tough stuff as business owners.

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If you enjoyed today, please make sure to share this video with your teaching friends, or if you have some friends out there that need a little free marketing advice, this would be a really great broadcast to share with them. Thank you so much for joining me today, I absolutely love interacting with you every single week Oh Karen, Cheryl you’re so welcome! Amy, you’re so sweet! I tried to be oh I have an upward arpeggio laugh, I totally didn’t realize that. It’s the voice teacher in me! Thanks everybody for joining me and you can find me here every single Friday at noon for more teaching and business tips.

Love talking to you guys and we will see you next time… remember guys… bye! .

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