About Us

Marvin’s Garden Spot is a family owned and operated farm originally established by Marvin Blackford in 1970.

Marvin and his wife Marcia, and 3 small children moved their mobile home onto 5 acres of poor soil in the Spring of 1970.  Marvin immediately started a small garden to help provide food for his family.  Although the first attempt did not yield much it was enough to encourage him to work up more ground the following year and plant a larger garden.

It was not long before his skills improved and his garden grew more than his family needed.   We decided that maybe we could sell some of the excess and buy other much needed items.    By this time our family had added 2 more daughters and we had built a small house.  Money was tight and  gaining some income from our excess vegetables would certainly be welcome.

It was decided that we would set up a table at the end of our dirt road and one of the older children would set up there and try to sell  produce.   It was a success and people seemed to enjoy getting the fresh veggies.

Over the next few years we found other outlets for our produce.  It was sold at a small local store, and we partnered with another farmer and sold with him at his local corn stand.  We also sold a limited amount to a couple of the local larger food stores.

In 1985 we started to sell at the Downtown Farmer’s Market in Traverse City, Mi.    We found this to be a great outlet and began growing on a much larger scale for this market.  A lot of work was required for this venture, not only to grow the vegetables but to run the market.  It involved all of our 5 children and many friends and later on our grandchildren to accomplish this.

In 2002 we decided that we would like to build a farm market and fulfill one of Marv’s dreams.   With a lot of hard work and diligence we were able to open “Marvin’s Garden Spot” on July 5th 2003.

The market has been growing at a much faster pace than we had ever imagined and we are having a lot of fun adding new things and trying to make it a fun place for our customers to get great local products at great prices.

We gave up going to the Traverse City Farmer’s Market in 2009.   It was a difficult decision but, with the market growing so fast we have decided to concentrate all of efforts on Marvin’s Garden Spot.

We are still a market ran by family and friends and hope that our customers always feel welcome and find the friendliness, quality,  prices, and customer service they deserve.